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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Evolved earthlings have teleported themselves to the Metaverse, leaving behind their ‘ARTCAGES’..

Every Artcage is rare and carry’s secrets to the journeys of the metaverse traversing human figures called as ‘QUBITS’

Street photographs are trimmed to subtract elements from them, to be introduced in the metaverse, seamlessly weaving photography into the metaverse thereby connecting the two realms.

Teleportation is an enabler for the traverse. A result of 5 years of street photography, 50 ‘ARTCAGES’ will be released as part of the 1st phase. ‘QUBIT’ potential remains to be unlocked !!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Teleported NFT Club NFT Roadmap

Phase I
Release 50 Artcages collectables on Opensea/Magic Eden.

Start building a community/club.

Buy space in the metaverse to setup a teleportation center.

Collaborate with earthly teleportation research institutes.

Phase II
50 ‘Qubit reveal Exhibition’ in the metaverse teleportation center.

Release the next set of ‘Artcages’ ( Evolved +1 Edition)

Setup community driven teleportation centers across metaverses.

Collaborate with Street Photographers.

Phase III
Start work on the next edition ( Evolved +2 Edition) with street photographers across the globe.

Airdrop respective Qubit NFt’s to premium club members only.

Unlock Qubit potential and craft future stories for the multi metaverse ecosystem.

2.5% of the revenue from primary sales will be donated to Earthly teleportation research centers & towards a street photography cause.

Additional Info

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