The Afloat Ecosystem - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

3333 Deflationary Islands Coming Soon to the Solana Ecosystem!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Afloat Ecosystem NFT Roadmap

1. Community
● Capture The Flag Events
● Giveaways
● Community art / writing competitions
● Community Events

2. Governance
● Establishing Community Wallets
● Establishing DAO voting on our website
● Establishing the Community Council
● Transition to be 100% community run

3. Technology
● Establishing multi-signature wallets for the vault and project funds
● Website DAPP
● Listings on Rarity Websites
● Getting paid in $MINERAL Token

4. Utility
● Earning $MINERAL Token
● JPEG to IRL 3D Model
● Airdrops
● Launchpad
● Marketplace
● Merchandise store
● A big percentage of fees and minting funds will be used to deploy meteorites that destroy
floor Islands.

5. Multi Chain Expansion
● Establish additional vaults on other chains for digital assets on alternative chains (ETH, CNFT’s etc)

6. Asset Management
● First 5 days after selling out, buy from 1 project each day for 8 days (projects to be decided by vote)
● Future purchases voted on from the DAO as community funds allow
● Pick up additional digital asset classes to the Vault
For example: Crypto, Metaverse Land.

7. Partnerships
● Establish partnerships & collaborations with other communities, projects.

8. Branding and Culture
● Community evolution
● Custom emojis
● Sponsorship videos
● Promotional material

Additional Info