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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

☠️The Horror ☠️ is a story-based PFP NFT collection of 100 uniquely terrifying creatures inspired by urban legends and folklore. The creatures are separated into 8 classes: Mythical, Paranormal, Undead, Alien, Demons, Sea creatures, Psychopaths, Legendary.
More than just a JPEG, the horror is a long term project that is focusing on retaining and growing the value of an NFT overtime with an innovative revenue sharing protocol.

Utilities for holders
✅ Yield bearing NFT. You will receive revenue from future drops. We will continue to expand The Horror universe with more characters.
✅ NFT as a lottery ticket: We will do a monthly reward distribution to some lucky holders.
✅ NFT as voting powers for the DAO’s decision.
✅ Holders by default will get whitelist spots for future drops.

🟩Supply: 920
🟪Characters: 100
🟨Rarity: x/10 , x/2

Mint date: Dec 15
Mint time: TBA
Mint supply: 920

Mint Price:
Whitelisted : 0.015 ETH
Public : 0.02 ETH

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Horror NFT NFT Roadmap

Phase 1
✅ Establish team
✅ Artwork of the first 20 characters
✅ Build website version 1.
✅ Setup discord/ social media platforms.
✅ Creation & cultivation of social / community channels
✅ Work on NFT smart contracts.

Phase 2
✅ Artwork for the next 30 characters
✅ Improve website version 1 UI
✅ Smart contract test net testing.
✅ Execute marketing plans on social media platforms to get more people to know about the project
✅ Achieve first 100 discord members
✅ Achieve first 100 twitter followers
🔘 Partnership with strong & established communities

Phase 3
🔘 Marketing push
🔘 Achieve 1000 discord members
🔘 Achieve 1000 twitter followers
🔘 Seek for potential collaboration with other legit NFT projects
🔘 Build and establish strategic pre-drop partnerships
🔘 Official launch (whitelist sale, public sale)
🔘 Set up DAO, the community can vote on new characters
🔘 Art contents to find the best artwork for some specific characters
🔘 Launch merchandise

Phase 4
🔘 Exclusive drops for The Horror holders
🔘 New marketing campaigns targetting horror community on different social media platforms
🔘 Expand The Horror’s universe, create more characters
🔘 Work on The God’s collection , the Horror’s holder will get benefit

To Be Updated

Additional Info

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