The Oceanic Horrors - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Desktop and Mobile PvP & PvE Gaming in the Oceanverse.

Passive staking rewards coming in Nov. Dope 1:4 Art with Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Cards

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Oceanic Horrors NFT Roadmap

Phase 1

* Bring the house in order (Community Managers, Devs, Artists, Environment Designers, Game Engineers….)
* Community Setup
* Social Media Presence
* Start creative team to work on concept website
* Onboard Creative Writers

Phase 2

* Unveil the Project Vision
* Launch the
* Agents Introduction (Genotype Φ XI — Φ XXIII)
* Release the Lore
* Launch the Trailer
* Collabs for whitelist
* Horror — Tourer Start (R2W Contests development)

Phase 3

* Launch
* Launch
* Start R2W Tournaments (WL / NFT / SOL prizes)
* Design hand-drawn 3d ocean verse ready mermaids

Phase 4

* Reveal Tokenomics
* Mermaids Introduction (Genotype ΨI — Ψ IV)
* Doxxing with RadRugs
* Launch Trailer 2
* Mint Exclusive WL for Genotype ΨI — Ψ IV
* Showcase Staking platform by
* AMAs Discord / Twitter Spaces
* Listing on Magic Eden
* Set Genotype Ψ Holders Channel for Discord

Phase 5

(Phase 5 begins when all Genotype Ψ goes to Ocean-verse)

* Mystic Ocean Reveal
* Integrate and showcase DAO Platform built by
* Elections for council members of oceanic-verse.
* Production of Season 1 Anime / Short Film on Movie Bloc (MBL) begins (DAO Consensus)
* Reveal the Oceanic Horrors (Game – Trailer)
* More AMAs Discord / Twitter Space

Phase 6

* Reveal classified documents (Whitepaper)
* Mystic Sale Part 1 (Genotype Φ XI — Φ XVII)
* Listing on Magic Eden for Agents
* Beta-Launch of Oceanic Horrors
* Beta-launch of bloodbath in ocean (Tournaments – multiplayer)

Phase 7

* Mystic Sale Part 2 (Genotype Φ XVIII — Φ XXIII)
* Development of Native token (DAO Consensus)
* Agent / Mermaid training sessions in the battle camp
* Reveal of the +++BLOOD THEATRE+++, +++the village tavern+++ and +++snowfield maps+++

Phase 8

* Free oceanic passes to OGs / Early Holders
* Early Access to Horror Apparels
* Story-mode treasure hunts -> Embryos -> Agents / Special agents -> hatched eggs -> More Mermaids -> Agent bones -> Magic / Evil Spells
* Oceanic Horrors expansion into Ocean verse

Phase 9

* Release of Season 01 Episode 01 on Movie Bloc (MBL)
* Access to new realms via Oceanic Portal
* Expansion with DAO Consensus


Additional Info

Minting 28th October.

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