The Rigers Club - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Rigers Club is a limited NFT collection of 2,500 unique and strong Rigers, living in the Solana jungle.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

The Rigers Club NFT Roadmap

Focus on art quality

NFTs are immutable forever. Accordingly, have only one chance to do it precisely and with quality. It takes a lot of effort in the Rigers design phase so that each of the 2,500 Rigers would be top-notch.

Build community

In addition to focusing on art, the main goal of the project is to build a strong and huge community.

Our team will put a lot of effort, in cooperation with the community, to develop all aspects of the project and position it among the best projects.

Market Bot

TRC Market Bot tracks purchases at secondary markets and mints made by influencers and NFT whales.

The bot will be available to the whole Discord community, until the end of February 2022.

From the beginning of March until the end of the public sale, it will be available only for Riger OGs on our Discord.

After the public sale, the TRC Market Bot will be available only for Riger holders.

Also, the community can suggest the addresses that the bot tracks, to achieve the best results.

TRC Market Bot should give a signal about a possible upcoming hype.

Holder Verify

The TRC Holder Verify system provides you the ability to verify as an NFT holder and connect social accounts (Discord) to unique cryptographic keys, as the core of our solution.

Proof of Holding

The holder gains permissions according to the NFT balance on wallet.

MVP release is planned before our public sale and will be integrated inside our platform. After which work on separate platform for this service.

The TRC Holder Verify will be available as a third-party service immediately after the release of v2.


Should ensure a smooth mint. The only place to mint is our site.

Our engineers have put a lot of effort into developing The Rigers Club TV, which will be used to mint Rigers. Also, you will be able to mint using the Solflare wallet application on mobile devices.

On the FAQ page you can find more details about Rigers minting using the Solflare mobile app.


Refund is going to happen after the public sale of The Rigers Club NFTs. Will randomly choose lucky winners that will get a 100% refund of the price of their Rigers.

Public sale: 0.5% of total buyers

Pre-sale: 3% of total buyers

Ranking System

Immediately after the public sale, our team will start implementing the ranking system.

The ranking system allows holders to compete against other holders. Each holder has a certain number of points generated by holding Rigers.

Holders positioned at the top of the leaderboard will earn an exclusive Discord role and receive additional bonus benefits.


All holders will be able to join the VIP Discord channel and decide together on the future of the project.

Sweep The Floor

Occasionally, the team will sweep the floor – buy all of NFTs at the current floor price, using treasury funds, to eliminate cheap offers and keep a higher floor price.

The extent of floor-sweeping depends on the resources available to the project.

Community driven

The future for The Rigers Club will be decided by the Riger holders. With ideas, adequate resources, and coordination, we believe the sky is the limit for The Rigers Club!

Some of our suggestions will be The Rigers Club DAO and a 3D version of a Rigers to be used in the metaverse.

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