Tribe Quokka- Quokka Kids - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

The Quokka Kids are the next big collection in the Tribe Quokka family. This collection of 12,000 NFTs will feature precious and precocious pre-teen/teenaged quokkas who are ready to help defend Quokka Island from Mutant Mal.

Quokka Kids will be “parented” by Genesis Tribe Quokka holders and minted for free for every two quokkas they own. The remaining Quokka Kids are available for pre-order at and receive 2x/3x your deposit in ETH. Learn more about our origin story at

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Tribe Quokka- Quokka Kids NFT Roadmap

Pre-Orders launched
and are on sale NOW!

– Pre-Order guarantees up to 5 Quokka Kids NFTs per wallet with deposit(s).
– Connect your wallet to our website to make up to 5 individual deposits in $ETH (0.1 $ETH) per NFT.
– Genesis NFT holders get a triple $ETH credit per deposit made!
– Must have 1 Genesis NFT in the same wallet (per each deposit) or 5 total Genesis NFTs if paying a deposit on all 5 NFT spots.
– Non-Genesis NFT holders get a double $ETH credit per deposit made!

Sept. 10
deposit refunds!

– All $ETH deposits are refundable until Sept. 10th. We will continue to accept deposits as long as Pre-Order spots are still available.
– Pre-Order offer is limited to the first 2,500 NFTs that are reserved. Once all Pre-Order deposits are collected, the presale will be closed.
– Pre-Order spots can become available again each time a refund is complete, so keep checking the Pre-Order page for availability.
– Deposits will be NON-refundable after Sept. 10th, at midnight.

Sept. 20
6pm EST 3-day Pre-Order
Minting begins!

– All existing Genesis NFT holders will get 1 FREE Quokka Kid NFT airdroped for every 2 Genesis NFTs in their wallet!
– Minting begins for everyone that paid deposits. Final payment is due, totaling .5 ETH per NFT.

Sept. 22
– Last Day of Pre-Order minting and to receive double or triple $ETH on all deposits

Sept. 23
Public Minting begins

– All remaining Quokka Kid NFTs will be open to the public for minting at .5 ETH each.

Additional Info

Check our Discord And Twitter for latest updates and giveaways!