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Project Description

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Ugly Faces intrigue with their unusual and modern art. There’s also a major advantage in the fact that Ugly Faces are a generative art project!

Every day, you get a new PFP image, created by a smart contract that works autonomously on the Ethereum blockchain. You can pause the live generation at any time and save your unique on-chain PFP art, or resume them whenever you want to.

Ugly Faces is an art collection designed by Vitaliy Lishko, a Ukrainian artist. Roman Kropachek is the founder, and he also founded Electronic Team Inc., a US-based software corporation.

Holder perks AKA “utility”:

🔥 this piece of generative art gives you daily-changing PFPs, looks like you have a whole art gallery in your crypto pocket

🔥 holders will be able to transform their NFT into a physical piece of art – there will be an option to order an acrylic painting by the collection’s designer Vitaliy Lishko depicting the paused token on an 51,18 х 51,18-inch canvas

🔥 get premium access to a closed Discord server for communication with holders, the founder, devs, and artists, more holders perks, and the unique ability to influence project development

🔥 as we are related to the web2 origin brand Electronic Team, holders will get free software drops

🔥 whitelist opportunities for future collections in Avatizer fam, we have additional gifts and offers for our diamond holders.

About the artist

Vitaliy Lishko is a Ukrainian artist that is represented in all the top online galleries. His abstract expressionist works are valued by art collectors, they note that he seeks to unite technology and subjective aesthetics in a single harmonious style.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Ugly Faces NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

Additional Info

Most of the collections will be free-to-mint, you only cover gas fees.

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