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Project Description

The Uhuru NFT project is founded on the belief that African culture, heritage, and black history deserve to be celebrated and preserved for future generations. We believe that Web3 and the metaverse provide a unique and powerful platform for sharing these stories and experiences with the world.

Uhuru is a Swahili word that translates to FREEDOM in the English language.
Our flagship collection, the Uhuru NFT: Freeman collection, is dedicated to highlighting the significant and often overlooked event of the transatlantic slave trade. This collection features unique 3D-rendered art pieces with over 250 traits, each with a minimum of 6 trait counts and a maximum of 10 trait counts.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Uhuru NFT – Freeman Collection NFT Roadmap

Q4 2022

Creation of Social Media Assets, Community building.

Unveiling sneak peeks of Uhuru NFT (Teaser).

Website development – Security tight mintable website.

NFT rendering, rarity check.

Q1 2023

Presale and Auction.

Public Minting of collection first collection – Uhuru Freeman Collection.

Initiate Project Collaborations.

Reward holders with Exclusive collectible – Unique 3D Physical NFT twin.

Launch development of Virtual tour of Key slave trade destinations across sub-saharan Africa.

Community Development scheme with recognized charity organizations across 5 African regions.

Private holders-only VR/AR African History X Art experience.

TBD 2023

Launch members-only Virtual hangout where users can participate and experience stories through the incorporation of interactive technology.

Launch development of afro-centric history centered animation series.

Activation of collaboration with African Ancestry LLC – More Details TBD.

Host Virtual Afroconcert featuring top Artists – All holders get VVIP access.

Additional Info

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