Verse Warriors - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Verse Warriors is a collection of 3,000 NFT’s consisting of 3 different factions,
Orks, Humans and Elf’s.

The Verse War is an online P2E, Hyper-Casual, free-to-roam and strategy game hosted at

Players holding a Verse Warrior/s will be able to participate in online game!

Season one starting early 2023. Log into the game now!

Consisting of a Hybrid Web 3/2 game like never seen before;

– No transaction fees
– Bounty and season winning earnings paid out in ETH
– Limited Supply (3,000)
– Hyper Unique NFT’s consisting of over 22 different types of Trait TYPES!!!

Get your Warrior now!

Reveal in 24 hours!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Verse Warriors NFT Roadmap

– Verse War –
Core Goals for the Verse War

Faction based intractable tile-map
Metamask Wallet interaction (completed 2/9/22)
Movement / Game Round Timer
Combat Simulation / Testing
Warrior Injuries, death, re-spawns and bounty
Warrior “contribution” mechanics
Tile select and detail window
GUI update + Season statistics
Balance / Bug testing


Additional Info

Reveal MINT!

Each faction has approximately 1000 Warriors (balanced by stats) and each warrior has 4 unique combat stats based on what equipment and armour they spawn with.

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