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Project Description

Welcome to the Voxel Crazy Head project!

Voxel Crazy Head is a collection of 10 000 NFT unique heads on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT from the collection is a key to the metaverse. The voxel head transforms into a digital avatar and you get access to the Metaspace.game metaplatform. There are 12 attributes in the collection with 324 possible values. The number of possible combinations is 40 778 090 496 000. Each head has a unique DNA code, which will further influence the fate of the character.

MINT DATE: 25th of November 2022 (17.00 UTC)

So, with the help of Voxel CrazyHead, you will get into Metaspace.game.
Metaspace.game is a symbiosis of reality, game development and high technology. The graphic part is based on the Unreal Engine 5 game engine.

The main goal of creating this metaplatform is to unite all high technologies and services into a single virtual space. Shops, banks, online cinemas, social networks, delivery services, training, entertainment, competitions, communication, trade – all this will be combined in one platform. Gameplay will also be added to the platform!

Imagine this situation: you wanted to go to a restaurant in real life. Connect to Metaspace.game and find the right restaurant. If he participates in the “metaspace digital copy” program, you will be able to enter the digital copy of the restaurant. An avatar hostess will meet you, take you around the restaurant and show you the available tables. You will choose the table by the window that you liked the most, book it for the right time and calmly continue your business. And in the evening, in real life, you will go to this restaurant.

In addition to assets linked to real-world objects, there will also be exclusively virtual assets.
For example, you can buy a virtual land plot and build a house on it. In the future, you will be able to resell this house to another avatar who likes it.

Each participant of the metaverse will receive his avatar. Avatars are 3D models of men and women. They have certain characteristics – IQ, health, agility, strength, etc. For certain actions in the metaverse, it is necessary to achieve the required level of development. For example, an avatar with poor health and low strength/agility will not be taken on a distant expedition, because the probability of his death is high. Participants need to constantly upgrade their avatars.
The avatar is the main asset in the metaverse. The better it is developed, the more benefit/earnings it brings.

In addition to services, gameplay will be added to the platform. One participant will be able to use the metaverse simply as a convenient assembly of services, and the other will want a little adrenaline – then welcome to the gameplay. The avatar will be able to get the necessary skills, purchase or rent the necessary ammunition (transport, robot, exoskeleton) and go to conquer distant unexplored planets. This is a rather risky journey, because the avatar may “die” in the expedition and then all his achievements will be lost and he will have to pump himself again. On the other hand, he will be able to find something very interesting/expensive in the expedition and return a hero.

In our metaverse, history begins with the cosmodrome “C-101”. From this cosmodrome, avatars fly to Mars in a high-tech city called “Cradle 3252”.
“Cradle 3252” is a system of six connected islands surrounded by an artificial sea. The whole city is covered with a huge dome. This city is the center of the metaverse. This is where the intergalactic story of Metaspace.game begins.

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Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities



Q1 2021
The birth of an idea
Team formation
The first concepts of the project
The first version of the site

Q2 2021
Definition of functionality and implementation technologies
Approval of the concept of the metaverse
The beginning of the creation of the metaverse software architecture
Development of first-stage digital assets

Q3 2021
Development of an algorithm for generating 3D avatars
Starting the generation of 3D avatars
Initial assembly of assets into a prototype of the metaverse

Q4 2021
Team Expansion
Whitepaper Development
Development of the algorithm for generating the first NFT collection “voxel head” from voxelcrazyhead
Generating the “voxel head” collection


Q1 2022
Development of digital assets of the second stage
Creation and launch of the metaspace website.game
Creating and launching the voxelcrazyhead.com website

Q2 2022
Preparation of the MSGT token smart contract
Revision of the White paper
The beginning of the development of the participant’s personal account

Q3 2022
Launching Twitter, Discord, Youtube, Telegram
Development of a smart contract for the NFT collection “voxel head”
Preparation for the sale of the NFT collection “voxel head”
Development of the user part of the 3d avatar generation service
Development of an algorithm for generating the second NFT collection “voxel body” from voxelcrazyhead
Development of an algorithm for generating the third NFT collection “voxel leg” from voxelcrazyhead

Q4 2022
Revision of the NFT collection “voxel head”
Deployment of the NFT-collection “voxel head” smart contract
Launch of sales of the “voxel head” NFT collection


Q1 2023
Launch of the 3d avatar generation service
Launch of the MSGT token Smart Contract
Launch of the participants’ personal account
Seed round of the MSGT token sale
Development of a smart contract for the NFT collections “voxel head” and “voxel leg”

Q2 2023
Debugging your personal account
Starting stacking for the first holders
Private round of sale of MSGT tokens
Deployment of the smart contract of the NFT collections “voxel head” and “voxel leg”
Launch of sales of NFT collections “voxel head” and “voxel leg”

Q3 2023
Desktop beta version of metaspace.game
The beginning of the development of the mobile version
The beginning of the development of a bridge to connect with other metaverses

Q4 2023
Control audit of a smart contract
Public sale and IDO
Preparation of algorithms for integration of third-party services
Preparation of algorithms for collaborations with large organizations


Q1 2024
Launching metaspace.game
Error correction, debugging
Mobile Beta version
Preparing for VR and AR

Q2 2024
Attracting large investors
Audience Expansion
Optimization of desktop and mobile versions

Q2 2024
Attracting large investors
Audience Expansion
Optimization of desktop and mobile versions

Q4 2024
Active integration of services
Expansion of the metaverse
Introduction of new technologies and capabilities


Additional Info

You are purchasing an NFT from the “voxel head” collection from Voxelcrazyhead. From this moment on, you become a member of the metaverse Metaspace.game. Your NFT-“voxel head” is transformed into a digital avatar, which is the main asset in the metaverse metaspace.game.


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