Waldos Legend - Next NFT Drop
Next NFT Drop

Project Description

THE WALDOS LEGEND is a collection of 4200 NFTs with utility, around CBD and Cannabis culture: Holders will be able to benefit from exclusive web3 advantages, discounts on the Eshop Waldos Legend and be part of the Waldos private club.
Rewards: With a professional team in the business of CBD and cannabis culture, Waldos Legend is a real brand that will expand in web3 and IRL. Being part of the Waldos is an opportunity to contribute to the development of this incredible adventure!

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Waldos Legend NFT Roadmap

September 2022:

Opening of the Waldos Legend e-shop.

October 2022:

05/10/2022 – Mint presale 420 NFTs (OGs and WL reserved).

Sold out:

Investment of part of the funds raised:
When creating a first IRL store.
First drop of rewards for the 420 Waldos.

November to December 2022:

Marketing for the mint of the remaining 3720 NFTs.

Public sale of 3720 Waldos.

First private IRL Waldos Legend event.


Second drop of rewards to Holders.

DAO to decide the direction of the NFT Waldos Legend project.

IRL Waldos Legend private event.

Additional Info

Presale mint: 05-Oct-2022

4200 NFTS total supply:

First sale of 420 NFTs:

October 5 7:00 PM UTC: Presale reserved for Allowlists and OGs – Mint price: 0.1 ETH.
October 5 8:00 PM UTC: Public sale – Mint price: 0.13 ETH.

Sale of 3780 NFTs: End of 2022.