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Project Description

We have an interesting concept everyone should know about… With our NFTs comes the ability to create a passive income stream for the holder.

Who is Walljar?
Walljar is an organisation that sells wall art through our own webshop (https://en.walljar.com/) , marketplaces like amazon.com etc and stores all over the world. As we speak we have more than 3.000 unique design you can choose from to hang on your wall.

Walljar is making an unique move into the web3 world by offering NFTs that create a passive income stream in an unique way. As said before we have more than 3.000 unique designs, all divided in different colletions like the animals collection, line art collection etc.

On 15-11-2022 we will launch the line art collection as NFTs on OpenSea. All these NFTs have the ability to create a passive income stream.

This is how it works:
Whenever we sell a physical design through our webshop for someone to hang on their wall, the holder of the NFT copy of that design will receive an x% of the ordervalue on their wallet in the form of Ethereum.

The percentage (x) the holder receives depends on the rank of the NFT on the hierarchy of precious metals.

The hierarchy of precious metals goes as following:


The rank the NFT is ranked in, is based on the popularity of the physical art through our webshop. The higher the NFT is ranked, the more percentage of the ordervalue the owner of the NFT will receive by every sale, but this also means that the higher ranked NFTs have a higher floor price than the ones ranked lower than that NFT.

Platinum will receive 10% of every ordervalue
Gold will reveice 5% of every ordervalue
Silver will receive 2% of every ordervalue
Bronze will receive 1% of every ordervalue
Copper will receive 0,5% of every ordervalue.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

WalljarNFT NFT Roadmap

Coming soon!

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