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Project Description

The Rage Comics OG Internet memes, including The Troll Face meme, are more than comic cartoon faces, more than any other type of meme,
It is the most widely known OG meme face on the Internet, wearing a mischievous smile.
Troll Face is built on the internet and should always remain available in online web

Thus, Since cryptocurrencie is a valuable currency developed on the digital web,
and Troll Face is a OG meme that is built on the Internet,combining blockchain with a decentralized Finance,
a 3D version of the Troll Face NFT was developed, that merges memes on web2 as NFT to bridge them into web3 monetization,
For decentralized community to symbolize funny internet trolls on web3 and monetize memes for fun.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Web3.D Troll Face NFT NFT Roadmap

Phase 1: Launch initiated

Our number one priority is to deliver the highest quality NFTs possible.
Each TrollFace design undergoes into creative process and quality control to bring us incredible 3D art.

Phase 2: Marketing promotion to spread the news

The quality of the art and the large strong community consisting of collaboration managers, promoters and marketing experts are ready to spread the news of the memes bridge web3 NFT and grow the project

Phase 3: Let’s conquer the web3

Our NFTs will be more than just a digital image, they’re special type of memes NFT of high quality 3D design that will gives you the ability to showcase the favorite memes NFT the way we want on web3, and to ensure owning these NFT , We are enabled to join the whitelist to guarantee Minting spot that will take place in two phases: the first phase will be for Whitelist presale, which will be 50% cheaper than the second phase for public sale
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Phase 4: Let’s Visit Meta

Through professional graphic design tools, we will develop the design of Troll Face 3D NFT to be compatible with Augmented Reality which will be deployed via Metafilters, and allow to showcase the Troll Face NFT on internet spreading the web3 memes
Following this Phase, we will enable community suggestions and votes for further development of the collection.

Additional Info

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