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Project Description

WhIsBe Vandalz
Vandalz is a collection of 11,111 unique 3D animated NFTs that live in the WhIsBeVerse. The WhIsBeVerse uniquely blends both physical and digital worlds together to truly connect communities.The collection shares the narrative of innocence lost, representing a turning point in WhIsBe’s life. In this evolution of the series, the artist empowers his collectors to unlock their Vandalz’ personal story, tying it to life-changing events that have helped shape who they are today. Each Vandal grants you access to Vandal holder-only digital events, IRL events, exclusive merch, airdrops, social channels and more. The WhIsBeVerse is home to anyone and everyone; an opportunity to live life as if we took the other fork in the road. To all of those who live a life filled with second chances…Welcome Home.
What are Vandalized Editions (Tier 3)?
(Group Two) Vandalz Waitlist: LINK
Vandalized Editions (Tier 3) consists of 24 artist collaborations with 25 pieces each. Collaborating artists include: Steve Aoki, Boss Logic, Don Diablo, Pussy Riot, X-Copy, Fvckrender, Deadfellaz, Adam Bomb Squad, Friends With You, Mad Dog Jones, Victor Mosquera, Playboy, Jen Stark, Shantell Martin, Smeccea, Matt Gondek, Dot Pigeon, TedsLittleDream, Baeige, Planttdaddii, Isabella Addison, Zoe Winters, LeftyOutThere and Christopher Florentino.
About WhIsBe
WhIsBe, short for “What is Beauty,” is a celebrated contemporary artist with digitally native roots. His work encapsulates a wide range of commentary, often alluding to themes of cultural examination and subversion. His imagery often engages in conversation with the viewer, prompting an introspective analysis of society’s realities. With over a decade of experience as a street artist, WhIsBe’s work can be found all over the world from public installations to gallery exhibitions and museum installations. One of the first artists to produce work in the digital realm, WhIsBe’s NFTs have gained a highly esteemed following in Web3, culminating in auctions at Christies, Sothebys, as well as in numerous NFT exhibitions. His work has been collected by numerous celebrities, respected collectors, as well as passionate individuals. WhIsBe has partnered with charities and corporations ranging from the Art Works Charity Foundation to Charity Water to Red Bull to COACH and continues to incorporate philanthropic pursuits into his personal and professional life.

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

Whisbe Vandalz NFT Roadmap

November 19th
Karma Key Drop

3,408 Karma Keys sold via Nifty Gateway.
Dec 1st – 4th
Art Basel Miami

WhIsBasel aka Karmageddona 3 night extravaganza of debauchery in Miami’s hottest nightspots (including the infamous E11EVEN).

Thursday-Guy Gerber


Saturday-Private House Party
Q2 2022

11,111 Vandalz released. At the project launch, Vandalz can be redeemed here.
Q2 2022

Karma Committee established, acts of good Karma within in the community, and outside, are rewarded.
Q2 2022

Karma Run the first of many global super/exotic car rallies will be held for Vandalz holders, 3 day and 7 day auto adventures, globally Each rally will also have a charitable component, toy drive afternoon and children’s hospital visit for example, thats just good Karma.
Q3 2022

Karmic Masters Chart launch, the higher up the chart you are, the more karmic rewards are coming your way, whatever rewards you are picturing, guess again and multiply it by a lot.
Q4 2022

Karmic Cleanup Crew launch, a 501c3 charity that will help fix issues globally with the help of the Karma Community, art education in under-served communities, clothing drives and food drives (regularly not just on Holidays), a global reach with clean water projects in Tanzania and other developing nations for example.
Q4 2022

Launch of Mutant Vandalz! Kidding!!! The focus on Vandalz and Planet Karma is a 5 yr plan that involves global domination (metaphorical) for the betterment ofVandalz holders lives, and Humanity as a whole, theres a team of 30 + people (and growing) dedicated to propelling a socioeconomic/cultural movement that sets the standard for what a like minded community can achieve.

To the moon with WhIsBe! literally to the moon, the first person to spend $5m on a Vandal is going on a spaceflight with WhIsBe on Virgin Galactic.

Random acts of Karma, owners of Vandalz will receive gifts from WhIsBe, just because.

As you rise up the Karmic Masters Chart things will start to get crazy, maybe a 7ft sculpture of your Vandal appears on your lawn, maybe your Vandal appears as a character in its own animated/comic book for worldwide distribution. As your particular Vandal becomes more iconic and valuable, Karma (aka WhIsBe) will reward your ownership with opportunities to join in on WhIsBe Brand revenue streams, using your Vandal.

More parties, in cities across the globe, more virtual events at Club Karma.

Additional Info

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Opensea- https://opensea.io/collection/whisbe-vandalz