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Next NFT Drop

Project Description

Long ago, the WinnoBearz Club lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the evil nation attacked. The bearz wizard named BelzeBearz has casted a malicious spell that separated pixelated WinnoBearz heads from their bodies and scattered them around the globe. The time has come for vigilant heroes to collect the heads and stop the evil fire bearz. The only question is – will you be one of the HolyBearz ?

Project’s Roadmap and /or Current Activities

WinnoBearz NFT Roadmap

1. WinnoListings 🔥

Drop listings coming soon !

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  • NFT Evening
  • NFT Drops Calendar
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  • Next NFT Drop
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Secondaries sales on Opensea and others platforms.

2. WinnoLottery

Each NFT is a ticket for the lottery. Each time the team withdraw the fund, a randomly holder will automatically be choosen to recieve 5% of the amount.

You can find the smart contract on Polygonscan ✅.

3. SocialWinno

Be ready for the arrival of NFTs on instagram, twitter and certainly all the mainstream socials network. We don’t promise anything except sell you a funny bearz.

You will be able to use your WinnoBearz NFT on Polygon Network and bridge it on Ethereum Network 😇!


Additional Info

We will rewards random holder each time the team will withdraw

Stay updated and never miss a drop