The Mist NFT Marketplace
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The Mist NFT Marketplace

The Mist NFT Marketplace

Mar 29, 2022

You have probably come across the term NFTs in your newsfeed. Not yet? NFTs, short for non-fungible tokens, are digital collectibles representing ownership of a unique physical or digital asset. These assets are sold on marketplaces and include digital artwork, music, images, videos, and virtual items. One such platform for listing the collectibles is the Mist NFT marketplace.

Launched on September 28, 2021, Mist is a web-based NFT trading platform integrating an immersive 3D interface. Mist offers users the best-in-the-range experience for users exploring NFTs as they can access the platform using virtual reality (VR) tools.

Mist NFT Game Marketplace

Mist lists in-game collectibles for Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) first-ever RPG – the Mist NFT game. Some of the listed accessories include armors, pets, and weapons, which players deploy when battling other players on Mist’s BSC-based role-playing game (RPG). Players can collect and stake NFTs and battle opponents in the exciting game.

Mist NFT marketplace is developing its reputation as a top NFT platform for listing gaming collectibles. With more eSports games integrating the metaverse, demand for tokenized in-game collectibles will rise, placing Mist on a growth and success path.

Getting Started with Mist

To buy or sell on Mist, just launch the website, connect your MetaMask Crypto wallet, and voila! You are good to go. Users can buy, sell and trade their in-game NFTs on the marketplace. In addition, users can try out the in-game experience on the platform.

To explore listed items on Mist, tap on the ‘BROWSE’ tab. You can also filter search results based on the item’s name or crypto used to purchase the NFT. Mist supports multiple cryptocurrencies including, its native token $MIST and other coins like $WBNB, $USDC, and $USDT.

Also, the marketplace supports two models for sale – direct sales and auction. The creator can set a floor price for auction sales and set the time for the auction.

You can also view all your NFT collections from the ‘MY NFTs’ tab in the marketplace and easily send the NFTs to your MetaMask wallet.

Planning to list your collectible on Mist? The marketplace’s auction rewards creators for auctioning prices at reasonable prices. Sellers earn tokens for every new bid on their NFTs up for auction.


Mist NFT marketplace simplifies the minting and listing process for creators. This platform is a worthy alternative, offering value, unlike other expensive marketplaces. Visit the platform’s website, or connect to their socials on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Reddit. Stay updated on the latest Mist NFT prices and Mist NFT news from the platform’s news blog.


Is mist NFT a good investment?

Yes. Mist NFT has launched quite recently, and buying prices are still low. As demand grows in the future, Mist NFT will become more valuable, offering high returns to $MIST holders.

Is Mist NFT out?

Yes. Mist NFT marketplace release date is September 28, 2021. The protocol also has a native cryptocurrency – $MIST.

What is Mist NFT?

Mist NFTs are collectibles from the blockchain-based role-playing game (RPG) Mist NFT game on BSC, centered on staking and NFTs.

How do I invest in the Mist?

You can invest in Mist by purchasing and holding $MIST tokens. Another way is by collecting Mist NFTs from the Mist RPG game.


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